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Hybrid & EV Repair

At The Specialists Automotive & Truck, we are your go-to experts for hybrid & EV repair in Merrimack, NH. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of hybrid and electric vehicles, including popular models like the Prius, Honda hybrids, Tesla, and more. Discover how our services keep your eco-friendly vehicle running efficiently.

Specialized Hybrid and EV Expertise

Hybrid and electric vehicles have unique components and systems that require specialized knowledge for proper maintenance and repair. Our technicians are trained in handling these vehicles, ensuring that you receive expert service, whether you drive a Toyota Prius, a Honda hybrid, a Tesla, or any other hybrid or electric model.

Battery Maintenance and Diagnostics

The battery is the heart of any hybrid or electric vehicle. Our services include battery maintenance and diagnostics to ensure it functions optimally. We can identify and address battery health, capacity, and overall performance issues, keeping your vehicle’s electric powertrain in top condition.

Hybrid System Repairs

Hybrid vehicles feature a complex system that combines a traditional gasoline engine with an electric motor. Our expertise extends to diagnosing and repairing hybrid systems, including issues with the electric motor, power electronics, and regenerative braking systems.

EV Charging System Services

Electric vehicles rely on efficient charging systems. We offer EV charging system services, including repairs and installations, to ensure your vehicle can be charged safely and effectively, whether you use home charging stations or public charging infrastructure.

Software Updates and Diagnostics

Hybrid and electric vehicles often require regular software updates for optimal performance. Our services include updating vehicle software to the latest versions and conducting diagnostics to ensure that all systems communicate seamlessly.

Tesla Service and Repairs

As a Tesla owner, you can trust us with all your Tesla service and repair needs. Our technicians are familiar with Tesla’s unique electric vehicles and are equipped to provide comprehensive maintenance and repairs to keep your Tesla running smoothly.

Hybrid & EV Repair Near Me

When it comes to hybrid & EV repair in Merrimack, NH, The Specialists Automotive & Truck is your trusted choice. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of hybrid and electric vehicle technology ensures that your eco-friendly vehicle receives top-notch service. Whether you drive a Prius, a Honda hybrid, a Tesla, or any other hybrid or electric vehicle, count on us to keep it running efficiently and environmentally friendly.

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